TerrSet Tutorial Data Download

The TerrSet software includes a comprehensive tutorial including an extensive data set. The TerrSet tutorial is accessible from the TerrSet Help menu. The corresponding data for each tutorial must be downloaded here. Please click on any of the links below to the download the appropriate data. If you download the full tutorial data, you will not need to download any of the other files. Please note that all files are zip files.

Complete TerrSet Tutorial Data

TerrSet Tutorial (1.2 GB)

TerrSet Individual Tutorials by Section

Using TerrSet (78 MB)
GIS Analysis (29 MB)
Image Processing (56 MB)
Land Change Modeler (52 MB)
Habitat and Biodiversity Modeler (35 MB)
Ecosystem Services Modeler (600 MB)
Climate Change Adaptation Modeler (151 MB)
Earth Trends Modeler (177 MB)