Service Updates

TerrSet Tutorial Data

  • Data for TerrSet
    Data for download for the TerrSet software. Options available to download full tutorial data set or sections.

Documentation, Support Tools and Additional Resources

  • TerrSet Help System
    The full help system in .chm format. Provides detailed instructions on all tools within TerrSet and how they can be utilized for a variety of applications.
  • UNITAR Workbooks
    Each PDF includes a review paper that explores the use of GIS analytical techniques in the defined field of study and a set of exercises that allows the user to apply these techniques to geographically diverse case study problems using real digital data sets and GIS software.
  • IDRISI Spanish Manual
    Spanish translation of the IDRISI Guide to GIS and Image Processing in PDF format.
  • IDRISI Applications Programming Interface
    Documentation for developers for the IDRISI API, the application programming interface for the TerrSet System. TerrSet is fully COM compliant, allowing access to functionality from other programming environments.
  • Clark Labs’ Modified Version of Gstat
    Document of modifications and the source code of Gstat, a free software utilized within TerrSet.
  • GDAL 1.10
    This version of GDAL 1.10 improves on the distributed version 1.6 with Selva 17.02 and how it deals with IDRISI raster conversion.
  • TerrSet Slideshow
    PDF of screenshots, highlighting the most recent capabilities in the TerrSet version.