Coastal Habitat Mapping: Mangrove and Pond Aquaculture Conversion

Clark Labs, in partnership with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and in support of the Foundation’s Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative, is mapping an inventory of pond aquaculture and coastal habitats around the world. Ten countries thus far have been mapped for landcover for the years 1999, 2014, and 2018. Along with landcover, for each country a change analysis is performed at the provincial or state level between all years mapped. All data are available for download through the links below. In addition to downloading the data you can explore the data using an interactive web map.

The landcover maps for 2014 and 2018 are based on Landsat 8 imagery and the landcover maps for 1999 data are based on Landsat 5 imagery. Three main landcover categories are mapped: mangrove, coastal wetland, and pond aquaculture. When possible a distinction is made between fresh and brackish pond aquaculture. The study area of the coastal zone for mapping landcover is defined as a zone 10 km on either side of the coastline. Where necessary, the zone is extended to include land areas <= 5 m in elevation to a maximum extension of 60 km inland from the coast. The primary concern is to limit the inland extent to areas where it was likely that pond aquaculture would be dominated by brackish water and thereby have a stronger likelihood of being used for shrimp. Additionally, the database includes a mapping of present-day vulnerability for further conversion to pond aquaculture and a mapping of the risk of landcover conversion to pond aquaculture by 2050. See the Reports section below for complete detail on the methodology. As more countries and dates become available they will be posted here.

Landcover and Change Analysis Data Download

All files are in raster format and distributed as compressed GeoTIFF files. Each zipped archive contains text files describing the spatial referencing system and the legend or data values. For information on the procedures used and accuracy/skill of the mapping, please see the Reports section below. The landcover maps are at a 15m resolution while the vulnerability and risk layers are at a 30m resolution. The data are copyright © 2021 by Clark Labs, Clark University. You are free to use these for non-commercial purposes only. All other applications require permission.

The date and version number of the most recent data, click on the country to download.
Bangladeshv.1- 1/2020v.2- 1/2020v.2- 1/2020
Cambodiav.3- 12/2019v.4- 12/2019v.2- 12/2019
Ecuadorv.3- 8/2020v.3- 8/2020v.3- 8/2020
Indiav.1- 12/2019v.2- 12/2019v.2- 12/2019
Indonesiav.2- 8/2020v.3- 8/2020v.3- 8/2020
Malaysiav.1- 10/2020v.1- 10/2020v.1- 10/2020
Myanmarv.4- 9/2020v.4- 9/2020v.3- 9/2020
Sri Lankav.1- 10/2020v.1- 10/2020v.1- 10/2020
Thailandv.4- 7/2020v.5- 7/2020v.3- 7/2020
Vietnamv.5- 1/2020v.4- 1/2020v.2- 1/2020
Risk and Vulnerability Data can be found here.

Aquaculture and Coastal Habitats Reports

These reports review the methodology for mapping, monitoring and reporting of land cover of coastal habitats in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Focus is on mangrove and pond aquaculture land classes including vulnerability and risk analysis of pond conversion.

A Baseline Mapping of Aquaculture and Coastal Habitats in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam: Report 1
Mapping Vulnerability and Risk of Land Conversion for Pond Aquaculture in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam: Report 2
A Baseline Mapping of Aquaculture and Coastal Habitats in Myanmar: Report 3
Mapping Vulnerability and Risk of Mangrove Conversion to Pond Aquaculture in Myanmar: Report 4
A Mapping of Pond Aquaculture, Mangroves and Coastal Wetlands in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar in 1999 and Comparison to 2014: Report 5
Phase 3 Extension to the Mapping of Tropical Pond Aquaculture Mangroves and Coastal Wetlands: Report 6
Supplementary Materials: Report 6

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