IDRISI Applications Programming Interface (API) for TerrSet

TerrSet has been designed as an OLE Automation Server using COM Object technology (i.e., a COM Server). As a consequence, through the use of the IDRISI API it is possible to use high-level development languages, such as Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as macro languages for controlling the operation of TerrSet. In addition, you can create sophisticated OLE Automation Controller applications that have complete control over the operation of TerrSet. If you want to script macros, develop and integrate new modules, or simply manipulate TerrSet from another application, you will want the IDRISI API.

The OLE Automation Server feature of TerrSet is automatically registered with Windows when TerrSet is installed onto your system. If you have installed TerrSet, you already have access to the full API. There is nothing extra to buy or install. You only need to download the documentation.

The IDRISI OLE Automation Server provides a wide range of functions for controlling TerrSet, including running modules, displaying files, and manipulating TerrSet environment variables. You can also use the API for scripting macros and developing and integrating new modules.

The IDRISI API provides a wide range of methods and properties. However, most users require only three – GetWorkingDir, RunModule and DisplayFile.

The download file includes the IDRISI API documentation in PDF format, and examples written in Visual Basic, Delphi and Python.