IDRISI Selva and Clark Labs' other software products are used for a wide range of applications by users in over 180 countries. Our users are land use planners, scientists, environmental managers and ecologists who need affordable, research-grade tools to manage complex environmental issues. 

The IDRISI Selva GIS and Image Processing software lends itself to a broad application base given its rich and powerful toolset in a flexible and modular organization, not found in other software packages.

This section of the website highlights some of the main application areas in which the IDRISI software is used.

Visit the Bibliography page for a list of publications for further references on application and research areas, or view Videos on the use of IDRISI Selva.

Land Simulation Modeling IDRISI-s

Simulation of residential growth over a period of 7 years in Central Massachusetts using the Macro Modeler graphical modeling function.

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