Remote Sensing Guide


Remote Sensing with TerrSet 2020®/IDRISI®
A Beginner’s Guide

Timothy A. Warner, David J. Campagna, Florencia Sangermano

The Remote Sensing Guide is now available only as an Amazon Kindle eBook.

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The Remote Sensing Guide provides a comprehensive introduction to the TerrSet remote sensing software package. With clear instructions and more than 300 color illustrations, the text is ideal for students and professionals seeking a hands-on and guided exploration of the fundamental issues in remote sensing and image processing. This latest version is digital only and updated to work with TerrSet 2020, but also previous versions of TerrSet.

The Remote Sensing Guide, published by Geocarto International Centre in Hong Kong in 2021, is 390 pages and contains the following tutorials:

  • Introduction
  • Displaying remotely sensed data
  • Importing, pre-processing and exporting images
  • Enhancing images spatially
  • Spectral enhancement techniques
  • Image ratios
  • Introduction to classifying multispectral images
  • Supervised classification
  • Soft classification
  • Classification error assessment
  • Image change analysis

The Remote Sensing Guide includes extensive tutorial data which can be downloaded from