Clark Labs Receives Grant to Map Mariculture in Myanmar

Clark Labs has received a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to create a baseline map of coastal habitats and the distribution of mariculture in Myanmar. The analysis is based on a digital classification of Landsat 8 remotely sensed imagery and will provide the basis for the evaluation of coastal habitats at risk for future conversion to marine aquaculture. The analysis will include a mapping of present vulnerability of conversion and the risk of future conversion by 2050 of mangroves and other coastal wetlands to pond aquaculture.

This grant is a follow-on to an earlier grant from the Moore Foundation that mapped mariculture in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This grant will extend the previous study to Myanmar. The data from this earlier study is freely available for download and includes land cover maps developed from Landsat 8 data between 2013-2015. Data also includes vulnerability maps of the coastal study area to transition to pond aquaculture and risk maps of that conversion in 2050. The data from the previous study can be viewed from an interactive map portal. The results from this current study will be posted to the map portal when available.


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