TerrSet Service Update to 18.31

Posted February 16, 2017

TerrSet 18.31 was the latest version of TerrSet and includes the followng revisions.

Version 18.31 Update Details

Revisions were made to the following modules
Flow, Correlate, GeoTiff, NetCDF, PntGen

Version 18.3 Update Details

Sentinel 2 import utility, new utility, that automatically imports and converts ESA Sentinel 2 bands to radiance or reflectance values.
Landsat import revised to support data format revisions.
GDAL import utility update to GDAL 2.11 libraries and includes support for JPEG2000.
License Manager resolves issue with Windows 10 updates.
Stretch includes new option for symmetrical stretch.
ENVI import utility adds batch processing and other enhancements.
Transform includes enhanced options for rounding and truncation.
Image Calculator includes enhanced options for rounding and truncation.
New module to convert CSV files to and from attribute values files.
Edit text utility increases the size limit for text files.
KML import now supports kmz format.
Resample utility resolves error with vector resampling.
Filter revision to remove edge effects.
The Pick List is now resizable.
The Cursor Inquiry result box is now resizable.

Additional Revisions and Enhancements
Correlate, Crop Climate Suitability Modeling, Database Workshop, Distance, Genericraster, GeOsiris, GeoTiff, Isoclust, Map Composition, MaxEnt Utility, Maxlike, MLP, NetCDF, PCA, Pit Removal, Project, Rank, Reclass, ROC, STA, Varcost, Water Purification

Version 18.2 Update Details

DigitalGlobe import utility for WorldView2,3, Quickbird and GeoEye1,2. The utility works similar to the Landsat utility and will transform the data to reflectance or radiance on import. The utility automatically reads the .imd file supplied by DigitalGlobe.
NDVI3g import utility to convert the GIMMS AVHRR Global NDVI VI3g data.
Gdal import utility enhancements to the streamlined interface introduced in 18.10.
Geotiff support for large TIFF files and other improvements.
HDFEOS support for HDF5
Atmospheric Correction (AtmosC) updated the LUT for solar spectral irradiance.

Additional Revisions and Enhancements
Thiessen, Crosstab, Macro Modeler, Viewshed, Pansharpen, Extract, CTA, GenericRaster, Concat, Reclass, Enviidrisi, Metaupdate, Interpol.

Version 18.11 Update Details

Various stability and enhancements, including:
GDAL Import Utility
Support for batch processing
Shapefile Import
Enhanced support for reference system on import and Export
Land Change Modeler
Stability issue for different Microsoft Windows languages
Geotiff Import
Support for compressed files and reference system names.

Additional Revisions and Enhancements
Histo, RECLASS, KML Import, ENVI Import

Version 18.10 Update Details

This module has been completely revised and now supports sub-datasets and batch importing.

Stability fixes to the following routines:
Issues related to large files and vector support.
Error with write access resolved.
Better support for input data types.
Better support for RGB24 data type.
Better support for RGB24 data type.
Resolved error with exhaustive search routine.

Version 18.09 Update Details

Various stability fixes, including:
Added command line to the new MOLA.
Resolved incorrect minimum display issue.
Resolved legacy issues.
Resolved issues with exporting IDs.
IUCN Import Filter in HBM
Resolved import issues.

Version 18.08 Update Details

Various stability fixes, including:
Added new option to align coordinates.
Shapefile Import
Added new option to properly document reference system.
Earth Trends Modeler
Added new Contextual Mann Kendall (CMK) option on the Series Trend Analysis panel.

Version 18.07 Update Details

Resolved issue with the Chaincluster classifier not running.
Reinstated CA_Markov.
Resolved issues with GeOSIRIS and Habitat Risk model in ESM running with Excel.
Added new options to the Convert module.
ENVI import enhancements.
Earth Trend Modeler
Optimized the Aggregate option in ETM for 16-day to monthly aggregation.
Land Change Modeler
Further enhancements running REDD in LCM with Office 2013.
Resolved Resample cubic mapping function error.
Resolved issue altering menu items through API.

Version 18.06 Update Details

Resolved licensing issues

Version 18.05 Update Details

Land Change Modeler
Resolved issue running the REDD tool in LCM with Microsoft Office.
Database Workshop
Resolved issue with text layer creation.

Version 18.04 Update Details

Resolved the issue with installation and Runtime errors. Other minor enhancements and revisions.

Version 18.02 Update Details

Shapefile Import and Export
Resolved issues related to importing and exporting Shapefiles with Microsoft Office 2013.
Earth Trends Modeler
Resolved stability issues on close. Profiling over time series and display interaction issues were resolved.
Resolved issue with highly correlated bands.

Additional Revisions and Enhancements
GeOSIRIS, Habitat and Biodiversity Modeler, Ecosystem Services Modeler, Spatial Dependence Modeler, Climate Change Adaptation Modeler, Landsat, Histo, GeoTiff, Profile, Reclass, Fly Through.