IDRISI Taiga Service Update to 16.05

Posted February 1, 2010

IDRISI Taiga Service Update 16.05 Details

Land Change Modeler
Resolved problem with Markov transition matrix for manual editing and import of external model.

In the Change Maps panel, a problem was resolved using the “Ignore transitions less than” option. It previously employed a “less than” (<) command for the Transition Sub-Model option under Transition Potentials, but employed a “less than and equal to” (<=) command in Change Allocation. It now employs a “less than” command throughout.

Help System
Corrected Note describing algorithm for the SEGMENTATION module.

IDRISI Taiga Service Update 16.04 Details

In addition to the changes and fixes from 16.03, the patch to 16.04 includes the following enhancements and fixes.

Earth Trends Modeler
Fix was made to the Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnection tool and the spatial mapping of the EOTs. In the initial release, the spatial patterns associated with the EOTs would be calculated using a multivariate partial correlation based on the original data at full resolution. However, the EOTs are calculated on successive residuals from earlier EOTs.

Thus it can be seen that:

orig_data = resn-1 + pred1 + pred2 … + predn


orig_data = the original data at a pixel
resn-1 = the n-1th successive residual pixel value
predi = the predicted value based on a regression with EOTi

Note that at the EOT point associated with EOTi, the correlation between EOTi and predi will be 1. Thus there would be multiple points with a correlation of 1 with a given EOT – the actual EOT point and the EOT points for all other EOTs of lower rank.

To fix this, the partial correlation procedure has been replaced with a simple correlation between each EOT and each successive residual series (exactly that from which it was calculated, but now at full resolution).

Corrected import error of ENVI files to IDRISI Taiga.

Corrected reprojection of Mollweide files.

Optimizations were made to the following modules:

IDRISI Taiga Service Update 16.03 Details

The IDRISI Taiga Service Update to v16.03 includes a variety of enhancements and fixes.

Fixes issue with transparency option.

Speed of module greatly increased.

New tutorial exercise with data on change analysis

Optimizations were made to the following modules: License Manager, CORRELATE, KMLIDRISI, ERRMAT, RESAMPLE, HDFEOS, HISTO, Earth Trends Modeler