Land Use Planning for Forest Management

Multi-Criteria Evaluation Tools for Sustainable Forest Management The objective of sustainable forest management (SFM) is to ensure the productivity of forest resources over time, taking into consideration the environmental, economic and social values of the forest. Precise information on the extent, condition and productivity of forestry resources is critical for SFM, and remote sensing and […]

 Environmental Change Analysis for Crop Monitoring

Canadian Wheat Board Monitors Crops with IDRISI The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), the largest single seller of wheat and barley in the world, uses IDRISI Kilimanjaro to both assess and forecast crop yields internationally. Crop surveillance is a critical activity within the CWB, enabling them to make better estimates about global production on cereals, guide […]

 Land Cover Mapping and the Use of Spatial Priors for Forest Classification

Application of Spatial Priors in the Maximum Likelihood Classification of Tropical Dry Forest Classes by J. Ronald Eastman and Florencia Sangermano Introduction Over the past four years, the Southern Yucatan Peninsula Region (SYPR) Project has been engaged in an effort to develop a detailed mapping of tropical forest classes in the region of the Calakmul […]

 Environmental Modeling: Analyzing Motion with Trend Surface Analysis

Analyzing Motion with Trend Surface Analysis by J. Ronald Eastman TREND Generally speaking, GIS is not well suited to the analysis of phenomena that move. Analytical operations in GIS tend to focus on vertical relationships between layers. Further, it is sometimes very difficult to detect spatial movements. Figures 1 and 2, for example, illustrate areas […]

 Clark Labs and NASA DEVELOP Sign Agreement

Clark Labs of Clark University and the NASA DEVELOP National Program have recently signed an agreement for the provision of the TerrSet software for 9 of their research and application nodes. The NASA DEVELOP program fosters an interdisciplinary environment where applied science research projects integrating NASA Earth observations are conducted with the guidance of NASA […]

 Clark Labs Announces the TerrSet System

Clark Labs is pleased to announce the release of TerrSet – an integrated constellation of software applications for monitoring and modeling the Earth system. Developed in close cooperation with leading institutions focused on sustainable development and environmental conservation, TerrSet provides groundbreaking tools for addressing major challenges to smart growth – climate change: trends, projections and […]

 Peking University Releases Chinese Translation of IDRISI Selva Manual

Clark Labs is pleased to announce that the IDRISI Selva Manual has been translated to Chinese. The text has been compiled by Clark Labs’reseller Liu Xueping from Peking University and published by the Publishing House of Electronics Industry in August 2014. Clark Labs and Peking University have had a longstanding relationship for the promotion and […]

 Clark Labs Receives Grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Clark Labs has received a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to create a baseline map of coastal habitats and the distribution of shrimp mariculture in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The analysis is based on a digital classification of LANDSAT 8 remotely sensed imagery and will also provide the basis for the evaluation […]

 Clark Labs Receives Grant from Esri

Clark Labs was recently awarded a million dollar grant from Esri to create a cloud-based version of their Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS. Currently, Clark Labs’ extension is for the ArcGIS desktop. Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS, first released in 2007 with Version 2 released this past month, is a software extension for ArcGIS users, […]

 Clark Labs and Imazon Assist Conservation International

Clark Labs of Clark University and Imazon have partnered to assist Conservation International (CI) and the government of Suriname in building technical capacity required for spatial planning, including the creation of data products needed to estimate a national reference level of greenhouse gas emissions. As part of this project, Clark Labs and Imazon provided advanced […]