Global Data Archives

Clark Labs offers archives of global data, pre-processed for immediate analysis and mapping within the TerrSet software. The data archives are well-suited for its Earth Trends Modeler. TerrSet’s Earth Trends Modeler is used to explore and analyze trends and dynamics in image time series data. It is therefore especially useful for those researching global climate change and ecosystem impacts.

All of the data in this series are in IDRISI file format. For each archive, vector global country-level boundaries are also provided.

Data Archive 1 is provided on DVD only. All other Data Archives are available for download only.

Global Data Archive 1: 0.05 Degree MODIS Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI 2000 – 2009)

The data in this archive were processed by NASA Goddard from the Terra sensor projected on a 0.05 degree Climate Modeling Grid (CMG). The original values were not altered. Dates include February 2000 – January 2010. All files are provided in the latitude / longitude reference system in the IDRISI file format. Archive size is 11 GB and is only available on DVD.

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Global Data Archive 2: 0.1 Degree AVHRR Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 1981 – 2000

Monthly NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) maximum value composite images (July, 1981 – 2000, with the exception of September – December 1994), average and standard deviation of monthly NDVI for the twelve months, and ancillary data (land cover and country boundaries and coastline) for the world in IDRISI file format. All files are provided in the latitude / longitude reference system. Archive size is 2 GB. Download size is 360 MB.

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Global Data Archive 3: 1 Km Global Elevation Model

GTOPO30 global coverage digital elevation model (DEM) in IDRISI file format at 30-arc second resolution. Data is provided in the latitude / longitude reference system. The GTOPO30 data files were downloaded from the USGS EROS Data Center. The original tile division (33 pieces), projection, data definition, and spatial resolution are maintained in the converted files. Archive size is 280 MB. Download size is 274 MB.

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Global Data Archive 4: Monthly Global Precipitation (GPCP and TRMM) and Sea Surface Temperature

Monthly NOAA Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) precipitation data (1979 – 2009), monthly NASA Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) global precipitation data (1998 – 2010) and monthly NOAA Global Optimum Interpolation (OI) Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (1982 – 2010) in IDRISI file format. Archive size is 494 MB. Download size is 339 MB.

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